Sunday, June 28, 2009

the blackberries are angry

Southern California has welcomed Summer! The heat has been wicked, but we're fortunate to have a pool. I don't know how I'd get the yard work done without it on these hot days.

While on vacation so much changed in the yard. The newlywed birdies that made a nest on the porch either moved or are on a vacation of their own. I hope they return. I was looking forward to watching their family grow.

The grapes are only days away from being perfectly ripe. This will be our first year growing an edible harvest. Our area is known for great wineries, so we're in a prime location for growing grapes. No one told me they require patience, as it takes a few years for young plants to fruit well.

Blackberries are troopers. They just grow and grow and grow. They have a dominant presence in the garden, as they can take over if allowed. I love trimming them.......because I eat them while I work. Not one blackberry has made it into the house. They've only been eaten in the garden.

Because I love my blackberries so much my husband decided to make them an arbor from sticks he found at a park. (Mighty hunter) Hopefully, they'll enjoy being given more garden space. They were starting to get grouchy with me as I did a little trimming today. They left those horrible little splinters in my fingers (I forgot to wear my gloves) and I was left trying to pick out splinters with my teeth. Maybe the arbor will be a peace offering.

Friday, June 26, 2009

home sweet home

It was hard leaving Kauai......I've heard it described as "God's playground" and "Nature's Disneyland". Both are true. I got some great photos......around 1000. It'll take some time to edit that amount of inventory.

Until I can post more, I'll post a photo of my favorite purchase. I visited 3 fabric stores and found some great japanese prints, some Amy Butler, Heather Ross, and much, much more. My favorite purchase was of this japanese bikini print. I'm pretty sure one of the bikinis is inspired by my favorite print, Mocca, by Alexander Henry. I bought one fq on my first visit, then went back and bought the last fq's in the store. They only had 3 more.......

Sunday, June 14, 2009

heather ross at joann's

She's there. Check the quilting bundles.....I brought my coupons and "competitors" coupons. These were the only prints I found at my local JoAnn's, but I'm sure they differ by store. Let me know if you find any others.

*be sure you look at the pre-cut BUNDLES. They're $9.99 (coupons!!!) and come with 3 HR FQ and 2 other prints*

Thursday, June 11, 2009

fussy quilt finished!

All done! Yes, there are many errors on this quilt, but it's DONE and that's the way I like it.

Also, I realized I didn't have any pics posted of the Fresh Air quilt finished. So, here they are.....I really like the binding.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

switching gears

I haven't been spending much time with my sewing machine, but I did manage to start some string blocks. I'm using this tutorial, from Ashley, to do so. Let me tell you, this is my favorite project, thus far. Because I'm just doing a block at a time and using paper piecing for the first time.....I'm really liking this.

Always intrigued with social events of any kind, I joined a swap. It's a placemat swap. Check out some of the inspirational photos. My swap partner is Chen, of Mushyhed's Sweatshop. She is so stinkin' adorable! I'm so lucky to have been matched with this girlie.

As the title states.....I'm "switching gears". Our family is off to Kauai in 6 days and I'm down to the grind. It's time to concentrate on miles and calories instead of thread and fabric. Fortunately, I have an awesome husband who will take me fabric shopping while we're on vacation, so I'm not giving up my fun altogether. I've done my research and found that Kauai is blessed with loads of Japanese fabrics. I'll be happy to report the truth of this matter when I return.


Wednesday, June 3, 2009

link to 3-column layout tutorial

The other blogs have it, why shouldn't I? This is how I did it.

buttercup bag

Made of Pez, by American Jane, in black and white. I was going for that "classy casual" look that a photographer's assistant might like. *wink, wink* My friend has also decided to make a buttercup bag, but I had the intention of making this for her quite a while ago. Time just got away from me. So, now she'll have two.

Happy Belated Birthday, Tanya!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

gifting is good for the soul

I was not 100% today. It was just one of those days.....tired, headache, backache, stuffy head, no patience with anyone other than my cat, so I did my best to keep myself from the world. This gave me time to sit and complete something I've been wanting to do. I can't wait to share. It's a present for a friend that's long overdue. I'll post pics tomorrow......I need daylight to take decent photos. The outcome made my night end on a good note. Now off to bed. Night night.

link to tissue holder tutorial

Not long ago I made one of these. The tutorial is easy, but you have to mess with the size, depending on the brand tissues you use. I'm making another right now, which is what prompted me to share the link. Enjoy!