Sunday, June 28, 2009

the blackberries are angry

Southern California has welcomed Summer! The heat has been wicked, but we're fortunate to have a pool. I don't know how I'd get the yard work done without it on these hot days.

While on vacation so much changed in the yard. The newlywed birdies that made a nest on the porch either moved or are on a vacation of their own. I hope they return. I was looking forward to watching their family grow.

The grapes are only days away from being perfectly ripe. This will be our first year growing an edible harvest. Our area is known for great wineries, so we're in a prime location for growing grapes. No one told me they require patience, as it takes a few years for young plants to fruit well.

Blackberries are troopers. They just grow and grow and grow. They have a dominant presence in the garden, as they can take over if allowed. I love trimming them.......because I eat them while I work. Not one blackberry has made it into the house. They've only been eaten in the garden.

Because I love my blackberries so much my husband decided to make them an arbor from sticks he found at a park. (Mighty hunter) Hopefully, they'll enjoy being given more garden space. They were starting to get grouchy with me as I did a little trimming today. They left those horrible little splinters in my fingers (I forgot to wear my gloves) and I was left trying to pick out splinters with my teeth. Maybe the arbor will be a peace offering.

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