Tuesday, March 31, 2009

chocolate and steel giveaway

I'm an addict.....I can't get enough of Christine's pictures of fun jewelry. I love the whimsy and youth in every piece. One day I will be lucky enough to own one........I'm getting closer, I can feel it.

I encourage you to check out her current giveaway......

Monday, March 30, 2009

thrift store score

I love these vintage (at least I think they're vintage) fabrics I found at a thrift store. For 95 cents I got a bag of multiple precut fabrics in the cutest patterns. I love the kids playing jump rope and the kitties. So, what do I do with so many amazing fabrics? Make buttons, of course!

On a sadder note, I started quilting my project improv quilt last week. It didn't go so well. I decided to get fancy and try a spiral square pattern.......no good. My fabric gathered and buckled and made me cry. Elizabeth, from oh, Fransson, advised that I could carefully remove my stitches and start over, it would make me happy when I had a better looking project. She's right. My "pro" long-arm quilter advised the same thing and allowed me to borrow her super sharp scissors. It looks like I have a long night ahead. Bummer.

***4/14-I just got back from the quilt store. My daughter saw something that I had missed in all my visits. The cute kitty fabric in a yellow!!! Apparently, it's not vintage, it's Robert Kaufman! Ha, ha.....and now I wonder if any of those great scraps are vintage.***

Saturday, March 21, 2009

happy day

March 21st is National Quilting Day! Happy quilting to you......

Friday, March 20, 2009

so handsome

Sometimes I just can't get it right, but I always try.

I wasn't pleased with the pictures of the last t-shirt quilt, so I gave it another shot. I got some nice pictures, but mostly of my cat.

Meet Stomper. Twenty pounds of pure, cuddly, goodness. My only son and everyone's favorite family member. He rules the house. He eats his kibble with intensity and talks back when talked to. I like to call him "Handsome", but he will respond to any friendly voice.

My family feels lucky to have such a wonderful spirit in the house. He came to us eight years ago, carried by a little girl on skates. She knocked on the front door and handed my husband a kitten. "My mom said to give this to you"........?????? He became ours.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

another t-shirt quilt

This quilt is going to be a hit with my girls. It has shirts from their current soccer club and from events we recently participated in. I'm planning on using it tonight at practice, actually. The colors are bright and wonderful. I concentrated on red and black, but used grey, as well.

This one went to my "expert" long-arm quilter. She did a great job. I decided on red thread for the quilting to create contrast. Love it! And a strip of color down the back.....so perfect.

Go Hawks!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

happy st.patty's day!

feeling lucky?

project improv quilt

I finished the top and am working on the back......I'm so happy with it so far.  It's so bright and cheery.

Monday, March 16, 2009

wish list

I began dating my husband when I was  17 and he was 19. He was quite the "artist lacking a canvas", so he found canvases in the most unusual places.  I would sit and watch the most detailed pieces of art appear from cans of spray paint that clanked around in his backpack.  These earrings and necklace remind me of those days.  My birthday is coming up and I think I might treat myself and get one of these treasures with my husband painting my name.  Memories.....

Saturday, March 14, 2009

it's almost st.patty's day!

So delish......the leprechaun made an early visit to eat them up.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

diaper cake tutorial

I'm not too handy in the kitchen, but this cake is easy to make. I've seen different variations of the "diaper cake", but choose what looked like the easiest. In the past, I've layered the diapers over a tube, one by one, layering and layering, until I got the size cake I desired. That method worked fine, but required extra hands holding the layers together. Rolling the individual diapers and wrapping them in rubber bands works great. I only needed the extra hands when I was tying the ribbon around my layers.

Here's my steps for a two-layer cake, using size 1 diapers:
1. Roll each diaper and wrap with a rubber band. Watch that you keep the rolls tightly rolled and your ends are even. They need to be at the same height when placed standing on end.
2. Use a little more then half of your rolls to create the bottom layer of cake. Wrap with a thick ribbon and tie.
3. Cut out a paper plate or cardboard to the width you want your top layer of cake. I used pinking shears for a decorative edge. You could also cover with scrap booking paper or lace for more detail.
4. Cover plate with enough diaper rolls to your desired width.  They should almost cover the plate.
5. Wrap with a thick ribbon and tie.
6. I used fresh rosemary to decorate the top, but any fresh flowers can be used.  Tuck the stems in the rolls just before presenting to guests.

Monday, March 9, 2009

project improv block

I'm sending off my block in tomorrow's mail to Jacquie at Tallgrass Prairie Studio. It will soon join others and be part of something much bigger. I'm so excited to be part of something so wonderful. Thank you, Jacquie, for the opportunity.
I love these blocks and have made more for my own improv quilt. The color combination makes me happy. Check out the pictures on Jacquie's blog of some of the finished work. Aren't they beautiful?
My project improv quilt will be a nine-square with white sashing. The back will be white with a little independent block and brown binding. It's currently my favorite wip (work in progress) and I've put aside a t-shirt quilt to focus and finish on my "red and aqua".
The quilt along is progressing and Oh, Fransson has posted the next step. Honestly, I'm still undecided on my fabrics. I received all my fabric purchases in the mail and LOVE them ALL. I'm thinking of breaking them up and using them in different projects. I can use some solids as fillers for the quilt along. My thought is that I can create focus on my favorite fabrics by keeping it simple. DECISIONS! I'm horrible under pressure.
My birthday is approaching and my mom bought me a new sewing box. It's actually a jewelry supply box, but I've converted it to my needs. I spend an hour carefully arranging my thread, needles, and other supplies in there. I'm in love. It's perfect. My mom was very generous to let me use it, as my birthday isn't until April! I think she knew it would be pure torture to keep it from me.

Time to rest......hugs.

Friday, March 6, 2009

a lesson in color

Oh, Fransson! has posted a wonderful explanation in color schemes. This is the second part in the "quilt along", but could be useful for any art. I will refer to this post in any room redo or even garden planning. The pictures in this post are bright and beautiful.
I can't wait to get my fabric.......I've been e-mailed that it's on it's way, but I had to purchase from four sellers. Hopefully, all the packages arrive around the same time, so I can check my palette as referenced in the color post.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

flower power

This quilt finished at 58"x58", a nice larger lap quilt. The flowers were all hand appliqued and cut from wool. I found the wool at my local craft stores and thrift stores......some were initially pants. It's funny because I made the four detailed squares first, without a clue what they would become. They just looked so fun to make. Later, they asked to be made into a quilt, which I happily did. Of course, the finishing work was done by my "pro" quilter, who owns a long-arm machine. I'm still too coward to free motion quilt something this large.

The "quilt along" will be my first. I am completely committed to trying out my hand at free motion quilting for that project. I'm actually looking forward to it.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

chocolate and steel giveaway

This beautiful jewelry is worth checking out. Be sure to enter the giveaway, as well.

quilt along fabric search

I went to visit my local quilt shop at 5:06 tonight, barely missing the closing.  It was the only chance I had to get over there and I didn't realize they closed at 5.  Too bad.  So, I decided to "etsy".  It was my first etsy experience, thus far I've only window shopped.  With a mission in mind I felt determined to find the perfect combo.  Success!  I found so many wonderful sellers with great choices.  I went with........I'll share that when they arrive.  

Tuesday, March 3, 2009


I'm definitely participating in this quilt along.  It looks so fun and will be just enough of a challenge with all the different style blocks.  It just started, so everyone can jump on in......find directions here.  I'm heading out to shop for my fabrics.  With any luck I'll find them in town.....otherwise, I'm ordering online.