Thursday, March 12, 2009

diaper cake tutorial

I'm not too handy in the kitchen, but this cake is easy to make. I've seen different variations of the "diaper cake", but choose what looked like the easiest. In the past, I've layered the diapers over a tube, one by one, layering and layering, until I got the size cake I desired. That method worked fine, but required extra hands holding the layers together. Rolling the individual diapers and wrapping them in rubber bands works great. I only needed the extra hands when I was tying the ribbon around my layers.

Here's my steps for a two-layer cake, using size 1 diapers:
1. Roll each diaper and wrap with a rubber band. Watch that you keep the rolls tightly rolled and your ends are even. They need to be at the same height when placed standing on end.
2. Use a little more then half of your rolls to create the bottom layer of cake. Wrap with a thick ribbon and tie.
3. Cut out a paper plate or cardboard to the width you want your top layer of cake. I used pinking shears for a decorative edge. You could also cover with scrap booking paper or lace for more detail.
4. Cover plate with enough diaper rolls to your desired width.  They should almost cover the plate.
5. Wrap with a thick ribbon and tie.
6. I used fresh rosemary to decorate the top, but any fresh flowers can be used.  Tuck the stems in the rolls just before presenting to guests.

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Tanya said...

Very sweet! I love the rosemary at the top, nice touch!