Wednesday, July 1, 2009

kauai, part 1

This is going to be a long journey, so I'm breaking it up into manageable pieces. First, I want to share the stores that I visited.

My hubby, Jasen, deserves credit for his patience. He was my willing guide around the island, taking me from the Southside to the Northside and even visiting the same store TWICE. He took all my storefront photos, while I perused the inside of the stores. That's love.

Vicky's Fabric Shop
(808) 822-1746
4-1326 Kuhio Hwy
Kapaa, HI

Located on the right side of the road, if you're heading North. Don't might miss it. It passes by quickly. This was my first stop and where I found my bikini print. Vicky's Fabric Shop is great. The girls are friendly and Vicky, herself, will tell you of how she moved to Kauai years ago, from LA. I found great Hawaiian prints and some awesome Amy Butler and Alexander Henry. She also has quilts for sale, along with patterns for authentic Hawaiian quilts.

Discount Fabric Warehouse
(808) 246-2739
3-3215 Kuhio Hwy # 9
Lihue, HI

The Discount Warehouse is a must-go. I spent the most time there and found some great stuff. I bought two Heather Ross prints and some great japanese fabrics. The ladies are wonderful and one, who I never got her name, was so helpful in discussing machine shopping. They have quite a huge variety of machines set up and my new friend gave my loads of advice. The prices are fantastic and when you consider sales tax is only 5% you may want to think about making a purchase and having it shipped home. I considered this.....for a moment.
The store was a little difficult to spot. We passed it twice. It's on the right side if you're travelling South. The shop in front is Two Frogs Hugging. It's a teak furniture store. It may be easier to look for that.

Kapaia Stitchery
(808) 245-2281
3-3551 Kuhio Hwy
Lihue, HI

How cute is this storefront? You won't miss it, so I won't bother to tell you which side of the street it's on. Beautiful quilts hang in the windows, the patterns for them can be purchased inside. At Kapaia Stitchery I found most my Hawaiian prints, Amy Butler, and some other fun prints. There were so many handmade items that I wanted to buy, but I refrained. My husband only has so much patience and it had started pouring "cats and dogs" while I was shopping.
I was inspired by one of their window displays... "The Postcard Quilt". I decided not to buy the pattern, so I could make something a little different from what they displayed. Mine will be smaller, more my sized. I did buy the bundles that were so perfectly matched up for "The Postcard Quilt".

Fabric shopping in Kauai, just my style.

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onlymehere said...

My son lived in Kauai for three months and loved it there. Lucky you for getting to go there. I ordered "A Herd of Sea Turtles" quilt pattern from them a few weeks ago and can hardly wait to make it up. I'm altering it though and adding to it so it will be awhile before it's done, lol!