Wednesday, June 10, 2009

switching gears

I haven't been spending much time with my sewing machine, but I did manage to start some string blocks. I'm using this tutorial, from Ashley, to do so. Let me tell you, this is my favorite project, thus far. Because I'm just doing a block at a time and using paper piecing for the first time.....I'm really liking this.

Always intrigued with social events of any kind, I joined a swap. It's a placemat swap. Check out some of the inspirational photos. My swap partner is Chen, of Mushyhed's Sweatshop. She is so stinkin' adorable! I'm so lucky to have been matched with this girlie.

As the title states.....I'm "switching gears". Our family is off to Kauai in 6 days and I'm down to the grind. It's time to concentrate on miles and calories instead of thread and fabric. Fortunately, I have an awesome husband who will take me fabric shopping while we're on vacation, so I'm not giving up my fun altogether. I've done my research and found that Kauai is blessed with loads of Japanese fabrics. I'll be happy to report the truth of this matter when I return.



Mushyhed said...

Aww, thanks for the love Autumn! BTW, I've made the String X quilt you're making and they are very addicting. I think you'll really love it. Have fun on your vacation!!!

MichelleB said...

Hi! I came here from Mushyhed's blog. Since you're going to Kauai, be sure to visit Lisa Boyer's blog at . She lives on Kauai and has a lot of local things in her blog. We went to Kauai last year, and I visited a lot of the places she mentioned - even the fabric store! Be sure to get Puka dogs, too! They're in Poipu. lol

Tanya said...

Can I stow away in your suitcase?

Anonymous said...

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