Saturday, April 18, 2009

no more fussing around

My participation in Jacquie's Spring to Finish event has driven me to extremes. I pulled out an older project from years ago and went at it full throttle. The initial design was from a class I took for a vintage baby quilt. While taking the class it was determined that the weight of my chosen fabrics didn't match, thus throwing off my every stitch. The instructor advised that I take apart EVERY seam and recut the small squares.

And away it went into the dark corner of my closet.

April 2009 the dreaded "fussy" quilt was reborn. I no longer like the color palette, but decided there would be a reward of satisfaction once I finished. I wouldn't take it apart, as advised, but embrace the imperfections of my mismatched corners. I am not a fussy quilter. I refuse to own a fussy quilt. I added thick sashing to make it larger, no longer a baby quilt. My binding color changed to black for a modern touch.

I began the actual quilting.

The tension was off. I couldn't get it right. I sewed and tore apart stitching. I re-basted and tried again. There's just too much fabric to deal with. My little machine was jumping off the table in fear of this monstrosity. No more, I decided, I just can't do it. Off you'll go, Fussy Quilt,(yes, I have named it) to see the long-arm machine.

So, Jacquie, I am cheating a bit. I will have a completed project, but I can not commit to completing it with my own hands. I hope you can forgive me.


Anonymous said...

Autumn, you are amazing! I had so much fun browsing your site. Your creativity and love of quilting, crafting, and others shines through with each project and comment you make. I love you. Mom

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