Sunday, July 26, 2009

they're 3!

I know two princesses that were born on the same day. One lives in Kauai, my niece, and one lives here in California, my bff's daughter. Both were born to gorgeous, dancing mommies, so they are tiny dancers themselves.

I made them these to do some twirling's the tutorial. Thanks, Plumtickled! (cute name, right?)

They also got these....the tutorial can be found here. Thanks, Skip to my Lou....great tute. I filled the crayon rolls with non-toxic triangle crayons, so they won't roll off the tables in restaurants. They're so cute and easy that I'm thinking of changing the measurements and making a roll for my make-up brushes. I could use it when traveling. I'll be sure to post a tutorial if and when I get to making one.

Happy Birthday, girlies!
love, Auntie Autumn

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Sarah said...

Love the handmade gifts! Cool crayon roll. :)