Tuesday, April 7, 2009

scrambled or hard boiled?

retro-mama posted this easy tutorial on making these darling fabric eggs. Although I really, really would've rather made them with the Peas and Carrots line from Moda, like she did, I settled for my Alexander Henry scraps from my improv quilt. I love the way they turned out. Notice the one, lone, pink "girly" egg....she'll be gifted to a very special 2 year old I know.

Regarding the previously mentioned improv quilt......it took me a total of 5 hours to undo what damage I had done. It is now in the loving hands of my long-arm quilter to be quilted with care and precision. I'll see it again around the 22nd. (Oh, how that seems to be so far away.)

My birthday was last Friday and I received such thoughtful gifts. I'll be taking pictures of them and posting soon. I have a need to share and brag, as two of them were made by friends.....the best kind!

Lastly, Badskirt has posted a tutorial on Sew, Mama, Sew for a Spring Chicken. I'll just add that to my "someday I will..." list.

Did I mention I love "Peas and Carrots", by American Jane, made by Moda? I really, really want to find it. Ebay....no luck, etsy, no luck.....Stinkers!

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traci said...

I haven't seen the original tutorial, but your Alexander Henry scraps (and your talent) made for some beautiful easter eggs. Plus, I took a look at your improv quilt - that is awesome. When I come out to visit T, I would love to see your quilts. That's something I want to get in to...someday. Right now it's the quicker the better for me.