Saturday, February 28, 2009

free motion quilting

There are so many great posts on free motion quilting, but I've never had the nerve to try. One of my favorite online discussions is found here on flicker. However, the idea of ruining a quilt top that I've invested so much time in making will get my stomach turning fast.

Here's my story. My 11 year old daughter has a book report she's been working on that involved making a quilt out of fabrics that coordinate with portions of the book she read, Cracker. The problem? I didn't have the time to send this crib sized quilt to my "pro" quilter. So I went back online and reread all the blogs I could find. Then, I decided to have my daughter go at it. (Kids will try anything.....they have nerves of steel)

She's a natural! Lesson learned....this can be done. It's just a matter of jumping in. My daughter finished the quilt in 1 hour. It looks great. I'm so inspired by my girl that I feel silly that I didn't try sooner.


Tanya said...

Way to go, M! Maybe we'll be sending our quilts to her to finish off from now on.

traci said...

That's is so cool. I thnk that she has talent and that maybe I shouldn't be such a baby and try it. I don't have a tutorial or anything on birthday banners, but I have a few photos of the ones I did. Let me find them and send them to you. The directions are sooooo simple. I will give you the dimensions of the triangles, and what you need and then it is easy from there. Traci

kathi said...

That is fantastic--good for your daughter! Don't you love it when quilting can be incorporated into schoolwork. Last year, my daughter made an "algebra" quilt for a project. It turned out great, and the teacher loved it.